10 Year Anniversary

So much has happened in this past decade. Together, we’ve raised more than $1 million in Kelly’s honor. We granted $250,000 to breastcancer.org for education and awareness programs to help young women make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. We bestowed $800,000 upon Penn Medicine for genetic research. In that time, the journey to eradicate this horrific disease has reached some major milestones. The money we invested acted as a seed, which grew into millions of dollars from other grants and donations. None of this would have been plausible without the unwavering support of our family, friends and volunteers through each year since 2006.

We hope you’ll enjoy our 10th Anniversary tribute to Kelly and the Foundation, a check in with those close to Kelly about her role in their lives, and some new friends who have been impacted by The Kelly Rooney Foundation since its establishment. We’re proud to share this video, a reflection of the past ten years and a demonstration of the impact Kelly still has in this world.


Watch the 2006 tribute video